I last ordered a Golden Tote in December, and since July is my birth month, I figured it was time to get another one. All of the cute shirts that showed up in their spoilers helped me make that decision as well. :-)

The timing worked out perfectly – I ordered my tote at noon the first day of the sale, it shipped later that week, and managed to arrive on my birthday. I couldn’t have planned that…

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Barcelona: July SquareHue Box


For some reason, last month I felt like I needed more nail polish, so I subscribed to SquareHue. I wound up with a BOGO offer for my first box, and received both the June one (my regular sub box) and the May box (my free one.) However, neither of them compared to the awesome brightness of the July box.


This month’s theme was a continuation of the Passport Collection, and contained colors…

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VienneMilano – Italian Style at Affordable Prices


Remember how the former Kate Middleton – now the Duchess of Cambridge – made it okay to wear stockings again? The main difference is: hers are nude colored, and these ones from VienneMilano are teal. (Okay, they come in about 40 other colors as well.)

P1050389They come in a really cool purple box that is meant to be reused over and over again as a stocking (or pantyhose, if you want to go that route)…

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Spring Wish List – Top Five!

Well, the semester is winding down, the weather is finally nice, and it seems as though spring is finally here. To go along with it, here are the top five things that I’m currently drooling over, in no particular order despite the fact that I numbered them:

1) Gladiator sandals. I usually tend to avoid anything overly trendy that might be out of style in a few months’ time, but I really, really…

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The Riviera Collection: March Julep Box


I’m back! But enough about me…

For March, Julep came out with a collection of bright nail polishes that was pretty hard to resist, although I used my willpower and only wound up with two of them. I had to have the new lip balm and scrub, so I chose the Modern Beauty box and added on the two polish colors that I just had to have.

(As an aside: I like how Julep matched the shredded blue packing…

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Crown Brush 6 Piece HD Set

I’m still in the “returning stages” of coming back to make up after many years of not wearing it,…

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Boot Bonanza

I kind of lost my mind over the past few weeks and wound up buying three – yes, three – new pairs…

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Limited Edition Gold Glossybox

Even though I cancelled my Glossybox subscription a few months ago (and am thinking about…

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Vibrance Pure Healthy Hair Vitamins

Who doesn’t want thicker hair? While mine is already pretty thick, it could always use some…

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December Golden Tote

I finally decided to get a Golden Tote this month. I’ve been thinking about it since June, and…

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